Clients view introduction

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What can I see in the Clients view?

The Clients view Shows the following:

  • Client name
  • Number of projects - clicking this will take you to the projects tab in Harvest Dashboard
  • Total Budget for all projects
  • Total Spent Budget for all projects
  • Remaining Budget for all projects
  • Total Costs for all projects
  • Most importantly - Profitability for the Client

Sorting Client View

You can sort your Client view by any column clicking on the column header. By default, Client view is sorted by Profitability.

Filtering Client view

You can filter the Client view by:

  • Client name

You can also chose to include archived projects (those are excluded by default)

Why doesn't the profitability number look right?

There's a very good explanation for this. Fear not, the numbers are actually very accurate!

Why are some profitability metrics highlighted green and some - red?

This colour-coding is a result of comparing the profitability of a project to the Profitability Goal setting (you can easily change it)

How often is the information updated?

Please see more information about the types and frequency of updates here.

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