How often is the information synced from Harvest

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There are 4 types of sync that can happen between Harvest Dashboard and Harvest.

  • Initial sync
  • Automated nightly sync
  • Manually triggered bulk sync
  • Manually triggered individual sync

Initial sync

Once you sign up for Harvest Dashboard, we perform the initial sync from Harvest. All the information is downloaded from Harvest for both Active and Archived projects.

Automatic nightly sync

We perform an automatic sync every night to get the latest data from Harvest. You will see when the data was last synced and when is the next sync scheduled for.

NB! The Archived projects are not updated during this sync.

Manual bulk sync

If you want to sync all projects, you can click on the "Sync now" at the bottom of the page:

Note: our automated sync is finely tuned to handle most updates effortlessly. Manual syncing of all projects is typically only necessary after major changes in Harvest, such as altering cost rates or bill rates across numerous projects. Harvest’s API data is cached and a delay of about 1h may occur before updated values are shared with us. Plus, if you've just tweaked settings within the Harvest Dashboard (like changing profitability goal), there's no need for manual intervention - we've got you covered!

NB! The Archived projects are not updated during this sync.

Manual individual sync

If you want to get the latest metrics for just a few projects, hover over the project name and you will see a sync icon:

The sync will start instantly and should only take a couple of seconds.

NB! If you've made changes to Archived projects in Harvest, this would be the only way to get those updated beyond the initial sync.

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