How to sing up and log into Harvest Dashboard

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Your Harvest Dashboard account is tied to your Harvest user identity. This means there won't be a separate email/password to remember!

Signing up to Harvest Dashboard

When signing up for Harvest Dashboard, you will be redirected to Harvest authentication flow that will look like this:

Once you Authorize the application, your identity is going to be created in Harvest Dashboard, tied to your Harvest identity. Your Free Trial will start!

NB! You need to have Admin permission in Harvest to create Harvest Dashboard account. Read more here.

Why is Harvest asking to authorize both read and write access?

We don't need the "write" access, as we are not updating anything in Harvest on your behalf. But Harvest's authentication flow doesn't have a way for us to only ask for the read access.

Logging into Harvest Dashboard

Follow the same process as when you sign up (there isn't a separate Log in flow). We'll match your Harvest identity to the one already created in Harvest Dashboard and you can access your account!

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